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He / They

I find Embedded electronics fascinating. The amount of things you can make with tiny chips is endless! Using my hands to build the devices I’ve created is… really addicting. I’m a firm believer of Open Source and Right to Repair: I like to own my software and my hardware. That’s why I use Linux everywhere and self-host as many services as I can.

Welcome to my own little corner of the internet! I like to document my projects here for my own sake, but that’s boring. If you’re looking for some web exploring fun, click on the fun button at the bottom of the page.

Technologies #

I’m slowly but surely getting better at Rust. I use it to build Embedded projects and Desktop applications.

I use Python to make animations with Manim and do some math on jupyter notebooks. I know just as much as I need to get around. I also have to use C++ for some uni classes, but I’m not a fan of it.

I use the commandline for everything, and after getting tired of using old POSIX compliant shells, I’ve switched to Nu.

I’ve also learnt the basics of docker through managing my home server and hosting some services I use.

Contributions #

Click here for fun 👀